People, Process and Technology

People, Process and Technology, are the three elements for a successful organisation. Simmons IT put this trinity at the heart of all its engagements.


People –   "People First." 


 All projects start when someone has an idea which should benefit the organisation and the people in that team. However so often the primary reason for the project is quickly overlooked, and their needs were forgotten.

Simmons IT put this squarely back in the centre of everything we do. 


Process -   "Value Add." 

A proper process should be value add, simple, quick to use by your teams. If your teams are trying to find ways around your process, then you have to question is this adding value and meeting the needs of the business.


Simmons IT will help you develop the right process for your operational requirements and controls that empower your people and help them to work more efficiently and now and in the future.


Technology –  "The right tools for the job."


We offer independent vendor-neutral advice and guidance. When combined with the right processes and the people trained in both the technology and processes we know you will see maximum benefits.


At Simmons IT we have over 18 year's experience working across hundreds of different technology stacks from server environment, IT infrastructure, software and application, virtualization, automation, testing and much, much more.


We will help you get the right tool for the job, which delivered the most benefit to your company now and in the future.

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